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For us, it's about the planning, designing and building of good-looking, durable and practical living areas to maximally benefit everyone, regardless of age or ability. By using Universal Design elements as standard building practices wherever possible, our intention is to build homes that last a lifetime.

There are times when an injury, health condition or accident changes the way people can live in their homes. Accessible design, room functionality and spaciousness become serious issues. At Springs Construction, we know the home modifications that are needed in order for family members to stay or return to living at home during this time of transition and beyond.

Interior Designers compliment our home builders' work and attention to detail.  We offer California home owners in-house interior design studio in Redwood City, CA where your highest hopes for your kitchen and bathrooms, from tiny nook to master bathroom, can be met. On-staff interior designers are available to support you through all phases of your home construction project, offering their expertise and recommendations to bring your home design dreams to life.

Whether to simply assist during the production process in the selection of finishes, systems or materials, or to ask for their help with a full-scale interior design to include gourmet kitchens and spacious baths, our interior designers' expertise is available to you at at the level you need.  Our interior designers hold a variety of certifications, including an Accessible Design and Certified Aging in Place specialist (CAPS), CID - Certified Interior Design, CKD - NKBA Certified Kitchen Designer, CBD - NKBA Certified Bath Designer, and CGBP - Certified Green Building Professional.

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