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Green Building - Sustainable Design & Home Construction

A green building incorporates sustainable design, durability, low maintenance, healthful indoor air quality, accessibility features, sustainable materials and comfort-- all for little or no additional cost when measured over the long term. Our sustainable building practices are now part of the green construction movement which is gaining more and more momentum in the housing industry.From our Redwood City, CA office, the Springs Construction team can help you turn your green building dreams into home sweet home.

The Springs Construction team has experience in California green building work, as we built San Bruno's first LEED Platinum home and have lead other eco-friendly construction projects along the CA Peninsula.  In San Bruno, we took the green building process step by step, presenting sustainable design elements to the homeowners as options and upon completion we built a virtually electricity-independent home. As Certified Green Building Professionals, Springs Construction designers have great sources for recycled content as well as durable and sustainable materials. We were early adopters of energy-efficient lighting practices, high efficiency domestic hot water and HVAC, as well as other new technologies, implementing them when they provide value to our customers. Let Springs Construction help you go green with eco-friendly construction and sustainable design!

Springs Construction understands California homes and green building practices.  Put our construction and interior design services to work for you and you'll have an eco-friendly home that lasts for years to come.  You don't have to sacrifice style or design to have a green home, and we can show you how.  Whether you want to build a new home that's eco-friendly or update your current home with green building features, let the Springs Construction team help!  Contact us today for more information.

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